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Kelly Berkey

Hello beautiful souls,

I'm an artist who lives in flowing skirts + bare feet along the Delaware river on the most eastern point of Pennsylvania where I have a beautiful historic French inspired boutique + gallery, Belle Âme. 

I'm a classically trained painter + founder of Eat.Paint.Love Art Retreats. As a licensed artist, I've sold over 24k in prints throughout the U.S. before deciding to paint just for me.


Sharing my love for painting, the dance between the technical and the intuitive, building on the collaborative creative flow that happens when artists gather together for days at a time is what I love most about our retreats.


I hope you will join our gypsy tribe and experience for yourself the magic that happens when you give yourself the gift of experiencing what true bohemian artists before us lived. 

Find me:


Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

Marie grew up in the mountains surrounding Grenoble, the capital of Dauphine (the ancient lands of the  king) in the French Alps. She climbed the ancient walnut and oak trees and closely observed the ibex, marmots and foxes around her. Allowed to roam free, she developed a deep love for nature early on. It combined with the admiration for strong minded women passed down from her grandmothers and she tries to do justice to these two themes in her art. Being outside is good for the soul and mother Nature is awe inspiring. Traveling the world to experience other cultures and wild landscapes while trying to go back in time to the origin of humanity is a passion and sharing this experience with other like minded people is a gift. She would love to share it with you too.--

Christa Thomas

I have been painting for over 12 years, butI have had an artist’s soul for much longer. You could say that painting IS my day job, as I also work the night shift as a NICU nurse. Art has been a gift that has changed my life in a million positive ways. My art is the perfect balance to my nursing career. It gives me an outlet to express some of the emotions that such challenging work can bring and it gives my right brain a good workout too. My paintings often reflect themes of nurturing, womanhood, and inner strength. My favorite studio is anywhere outside! Art has brought me into a sisterhood of fabulous women artists around the world, and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel with, paint with, and cook for such beautiful souls. Come adventure with us and experience the world through the eyes of an artist. Let's get outside and paint!

Find me on instagram @christa_thomas and see more of my art at 

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